We met our fundraising goal thanks to our always generous donors!

We not only met our goal, but this was our most successful fundraiser ever! We raised a total of $74,010 to support the Engaruka English Medium Primary School!!! Our goal was: $40,000 plus $20,000 in matching funds.

This is incredible and will allow us to start on Phase I of the construction of the boys’ dormitory (central hub and two wings) as soon as we have updated architectural plans and an acceptable construction bid.

We cannot express our appreciation enough to the following donors (includes those who have pledged) who made this fundraiser a tremendous success!!!!!

Donors: Acadia, Aida and Raul, Anonymous (7), Audrey*, Becky*, Ben, Beth, Bill and Melissa*, Bob and Brigitte*, Botterbusch Family, Brennan, Brian and Karen*, Byron, Caleb, Carl, Carol, Caroline*, Charles, Christopher , Christy*, Dan , Daphne*, David , David and Amy, David and Jan, Debbie and Mary Leigh*, Debra*, Dorothy*, Eden, Elizabeth and Eric, Ellen, Essra and Colin*, Ginny, Glenn P*, Glenn W, Gregory, Heather and Ian, Isle, Jack and Sandy* , Jackie , Jacqueline*, Jen and Jackie*, Jessica, John and Alicia*, Johnston, Jose, Kathryn and Jonathan , Kayliey, Kris*, Linda, Lindsey*, Lisa, Lori*, Manny, Margie and John, Mary, Mauri, Michael G1, Michael G2, Michael L, Mithran and Anita, Nakia, Nancy, Nicky and Jamie*, Olivia, Pat, Patricia and Bill*, Paul and Avery, Paul and Lynne*, Peggy and Bill , Phil, Randy and Paula*, Rebecca and Theo*, Rex and Jan*, Richard and Marie*, Richard and Suzanne , Robert , Saied and Patty, Sandy*, Scott*, Steve and Marie*, Susie*, Suzanne, Tom*, Wendy*, Wimberly*, Zach and Dianne*, Zeena and Siddeek

* indicates one or more child sponsorships

If you have not donated but still wish to do so, we still need more funds to complete the boys’ dormitory. Click HERE to donate by credit card or mail checks payable to the Maasai Education Foundation at 345 Woods Lane, Newport, VA 24128.

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