Teaching/Construction Timeline

The Engaruka English Medium Primary School business plan envisions construction over a seven-year period and adding one grade each year until there are two preschool grades and seven primary grades. We are a little ahead of schedule as both 1st and 2nd grades were added in January 2019. At the end of 2020 we have 110 children in pre-school through 3rd grade and we will add 30 new preschoolers in January 2021. Four years to full enrollment of 240 students. Other than first-year preschoolers, only students with good English skills are able to transfer into the school. All students began living on campus in the summer of 2020 when boys moved into temporary dorms (unused classrooms). We started construction of our first dormitory for 120 students in January 2021. The following table shows how grades will be added each year along with  planned construction.

ConstructionSchedule 2021