Vision for School

The Engaruka English Medium Primary School in 2024 will accommodate approximately 240 students and include the following:

  • Classroom buildings with a total of nine classrooms: two preschool and primary grades 1-7.  (8 classrooms, library and dining hall completed)
  • Two dormitories with a capacity of 120 students and one staff member each.
  • Dining hall/laundry with kitchen (completed in 2020)
  • Teacher/staff housing units
  • Administrative building with offices and clinic
  • Covered walkways between principle buildings
  • Courtyard for morning and other assemblies
  • Athletic fields (completed)
  • Fencing around school for security and exclusion of wildlife and livestock
  • Guest houses
  • Gardens and agricultural fields
  • Livestock pastures and boma
  • Reliable and safe water supply

The site plan below shows the partial buildout of the campus. Preliminary details are provided for the first classroom building, ablutions (toilet/showers), and dining facility.