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  • National Exam Results!!!!
    We just received the results for the Tanzania national 4th grade exams and the Engaruka English Medium Primary School did great again with an overall school grade of A. We ranked #5 out of 80 schools in the Monduli District. Of our 20 students taking the exam, 14 received an A average and 6 received a B average. Details are pictured below. Congratulations to last year’s 4th graders and this year’s new 5th graders!!!!!!! The school year starts on January 9, 2023.
  • We met our fundraising goal thanks to our always generous donors!
    We not only met our goal, but this was our most successful fundraiser ever! We raised a total of $74,010 to support the Engaruka English Medium Primary School!!! Our goal was: $40,000 plus $20,000 in matching funds. This is incredible and will allow us to start on Phase I of the construction of the boys’ dormitory (central hub and two wings) as soon as we have updated architectural plans and an acceptable construction bid. We cannot express our appreciation enough to the following donors (includes those who have pledged) who made this fundraiser a tremendous success!!!!! Donors: Acadia, Aida and … More We met our fundraising goal thanks to our always generous donors!
  • OH SO CLOSE!!!!
    We are getting close! We are at 91% of our $40,000 goal and we have successfully secured all of our $20,000 in matching funds. A huge thank you to all that have donated so far!
  • Reached 84% of our fundraising goal!
    The MEF GivingTuesday fundraiser is nearing its end thanks to 59 generous donors. As of today, we have received $33,574 in donations or 84% of our $40,000 goal. Only $6,425 to go in the next 12 days and we still have $1,586 of our $20,000 in matching funds remaining. As explained in the previous emails, the first $35,000 in donations will go towards 2023 sponsorships ($700/child-year) and operating funds for the Engaruka English Medium Primary School and the remaining donations will go towards improved internet for the school, girls’ dormitory furnishings, and construction of the proposed boys’ dormitory. WE NO … More Reached 84% of our fundraising goal!
  • Another Day, Another $1125 Closer to Goal!
    Looking GOOD! At 80% of our $40,000 goal with $2,170.85 in match remaining. Please help us secure that match.
  • Making Progress – Only $8,986.67 to Go!
  • MEF #GivingTuesday Fundraiser Update
    We are doing great! We have received $28,855 in donations or 72% of our $40,000 goal. In addition, we have matching funds for $16,045 of these donations and $3,954 in pledged matching funds for additional donations! If you would like to sponsor a child next year, the cost is $700 for the year or $58.33/month. You can also partially sponsor a child. There are two ongoing fundraisers: #GivingTuesday Matching Fundraiser – Nov. 29 to Dec 31, 2022 – Double your impact – We have $3,954 in remaining matching funds of our pledged $20,000 in matching funds! – Our biggest fundraiser of the year … More MEF #GivingTuesday Fundraiser Update
  • MEF GivingTuesday is NOW!
    The MEF 2022 GivingTuesday Fundraiser starts Nov. 29 at 8am EST. If you would like to sponsor a child next year, the cost is $700 for the year or $58.33/month. You can also partially sponsor a child. Meta Recurring Donation Matching Fundraiser (Nov. 15 to Dec 31, 2022) – Make a recurring donation of up to $100/month on the MEF Facebook page and MEF will receive up to $100 match from Meta after you make your second automatic donation. You can continue monthly donations or cancel them after the second donation, and we will still receive the match (until Meta matching … More MEF GivingTuesday is NOW!
  • MEF Nov 2022 Newsletter
    MEF MATCHING FUNDRAISERS – WE HAVE TWO THIS GIVING SEASON! Nov. 15 – Meta Recurring Donation Matching Program Nov. 29 – Dec 31 MEF #GivingTuesday Matching Fundraiser       DONATE NOV. 15 OR 29 TO POTENTIALLY DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Message from Theo, MEF Board Chairperson: It has been another amazing year for MEF and the Engaruka English Medium Primary School (EEMPS). Highlights of the past 12 months are listed below and detailed in the newsletter. Nov. 15, 2022 Meta Recurring Donation Matching Fundraiser Make a recurring donation of up to $100/month on the MEF Facebook page and MEF will receive up … More MEF Nov 2022 Newsletter
  • Meta Recurring Donation Matching Fundraiser – Nov. 15
    Facebook has done away with its traditional GivingTuesday matching program and replaced it with a matching program for people that set up recurring monthly donations through a charity’s Facebook donation button. This new program will start on Nov. 15, 2022 and run through December 31, 2022. Meta has not released the time that the program will kick off. It was 8am Eastern Time previously. Under the new program, Meta will match up to $100 per donor. Steps to participate in the new Meta donation matching program For iPhone or Android Device To make sure that the recurring donation was canceled, … More Meta Recurring Donation Matching Fundraiser – Nov. 15
  • YOU DID IT!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! As usual our donors came through and we have exceeded out MEF Mid-Year Matching Fundraiser goal of $41,086. As of a few moments ago, donors have given or pledged $41,201 and we had $12,700 in donations that will be matched for a grand total of $53,901. Thank you notes and tax receipts for charitable donations will be going out via email or letter in mid-August. Because of you: Three more children at the school have sponsors MEF will send an additional $20,000 to the school to fulfill our 2022 operating funds/sponsorships goal of $60,000. … More YOU DID IT!!!!!!!

2021 #GivingTuesday-December Fundraiser Progress

We are making GREAT PROGRESS on the MEF #GivingTuesday-December Fundraiser! So far we have raised at least $28,627.93 or 73% of our $39,000 goal.

It is easy to donate, just click here –


Thank you to all that have contributed to MEF 2020 Giving Tuesday!!!!!

(Tuesday, Dec 1, 2020)


The MEF 2020 Giving Tuesday Matching Fundraiser is going great! Including donations through the PayPal Giving Fund, checks received, pledges and matching funds, we think we have raised $39,500 so we just have $8,500 to go to reach our $48,000 goal! Thank you to all our generous donors that have contributed and we still have 9 days to go for those that have not. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

BY CHECK: Send checks payable to the Maasai Education Foundation, 345 Woods Lane, Newport, VA 24128.
BY CREDIT CARD: (with no fees):
Via Facebook if on Facebook:
Via PayPal Giving Fund (anyone):
CORPORATE MATCH? If you work for a company with a corporate match program, please be sure to sign up for the match. Please contact us and we’ll help you with the process.

Please donate today and Thank You if you have already donated!

With our thanks, The MEF Board Members: Brian Benham (Treasurer), Kerry Brisco, Rebecca Caldwell, Theo Dillaha (Chairperson), Margie Lee, Karen Scalf-Benham, Audrey Spielmann, Randy Stith


Lots of Developments at MEF

  • The Engaruka English Medium Primary School reopened June 29 after three months of shut down due to COVID-19 with 110 students. All the boys are now boarding at the school.
  • During the shut down, the Peter Ozolins Dining Hall and the Crane Classroom and Restroom Buildings were completed. See pictures below.
  • MargieLeeMEF welcomes Margie Lee, our newest Board member. Margie is a Professor and Head of the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology at the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech. She obtained her BS degree in Biology from Virginia Tech, her D.V.M. from Virginia Tech and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology from The University of Georgia. Her research focuses on the epidemiology of meat and poultry-borne food safety pathogens, microbial pathogenesis, and ecology of poultry intestinal microbiome. In addition to research, she teaches microbiology to veterinary students, graduate and undergraduate students and veterinary residents. She is formerly the coordinator of Graduate Affairs for the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine and graduate coordinator for the Masters of Avian Medicine program. She is an avid motorcycle rider.
  • MEF will be having its first major matching fundraiser from August 15 to September 13. The first $8,770 in donations will be matched by Theo Dillaha and Rebecca Caldwell. The first $10,000 in funds raised will go towards sponsorships for children and the remainder will go to start construction of a new dining hall. More details about the fundraiser soon!



Our #GivingTuesday Fundraiser was a huge success! A huge thank you goes out to all our donors for their $30,408.18 donations on #GivingTuesday. In addition to those donations, Facebook matched $13,482 in donations that were made in the first 13 seconds of the Facebook #GivingTuesday fundraiser. This means that our #GivingTuesday fundraiser raised a total of $43,890.18!  Special thanks goes out to the following people (listed in order of the quickness of their donation) who donated quick enough for the Facebook match: Rebecca Caldwell, Karen Scalf-Benham, Brian Benham, Essra Kibler, Steve Conner, Essra Kibler (again), Theo Dillaha, Rebecca Patrick and Audrey Spielmann. These and additional funds have been sent to the school to complete construction and furnishing of the Peter Ozolins Dining Hall and the Crane Classroom and Restroom Buildings and for 2020 student scholarships. Classes started in early January for the 1st to 3rd grades and in February for pre-schoolers.

Classes were suspended on March 17 throughout Tanzania due to the COVID-19 crisis and our children were sent home. We expect schools to reopen soon. As of April 25, there are 299 reported COVID-19 cases and 10 deaths in Tanzania and no reported cases in the Engaruka area where the school is located. In the meantime, construction finishing touches are being completed on the Crane Classroom and Restroom Buildings and the Peter Ozolins Dining Hall.


MEF holds its major fundraising activity on Giving Tuesday each year. Last year, we raised $32,700 on Giving Tuesday and later received matching funds of $7,650 from the Facebook Network for Good as a result. This year our #GIVINGTUESDAY goal is $36,390, which will be used for the following:

  • Completion and Furnishing of the Crane Classroom and Restroom Buildings. $74,400 has been spent on construction and approximately, $13,831 is needed to complete construction. An additional $12,917 is needed to furnish the Crane Building with desks and chairs and to purchase bunk beds so several of the classrooms can be used as dormitories until a real dormitory is constructed.
  • Completion of Dining Hall/Kitchen/Laundr The 7,000 ft² (650 m²) dining hall cost $62,152 including furnishings. MEF has provided $52,500 for its construction. An additional $9,642 is needed to complete the dining hall. These additional funds will be used for ceilings, electrical and plumbing systems, and kitchen and laundry furnishings.


BY CHECK: Send checks payable to the Maasai Education Foundation to 345 Woods Lane, Newport, VA 24128 USA.

BY CREDIT CARD: Facebook’s match for #GivingTuesday 2019 begins at 8:00 AM EST (5:00 AM PST) on Tuesday, December 3. Last year the match was exhausted in 8 seconds, so it is critical to make your donation at 8:00 EST if you want to try for the match. The best way to do this is to make a small donation prior to 8AM so your credit card info is entered and saved and then open the donate window again before 8AM, enter your donation amount and wait until a moment after 8AM EST to hit the green donate button. Then click the blue Donate button at:

Last year, a maximum of $2500 could be donated but you could make multiple donations. If you do not like to donate via Facebook, you can also donate via the PayPal Giving Fund at:



MEF 2018 Accomplishments

  • Received $108,900.83 in donations
  • Total expenditures of $107,547.65 with 99.43% going to scholarships, EEMPS construction, Service without Borders work at the school and travel expenses for Martha Olemisiko (EEMPS Executive Director) and Maria Paapa Kingi to visit the US in August.
  • Provided $44000,000 to start construction of the dining hall
  • Provided $36,000 to start construction of Phase II classroom/library/restroom expansion
  • Provided $1,150 to start construction of a two-unit prototype guesthouse
  • Provided $14,970 in scholarships for 25 EEMPS students in 2018
  • Provided $10,000 in scholarships for 2019 EEMPS students
  • Provided $2,539.70 scholarship for Maria Paapa Kingi to attend Arusha Meru International School

April 25, 2018 fundraiser video

Has video of school, volunteers, and why you might want to donate.

Posters from fundraiser.

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