YOU DID IT!!!!!!!


As usual our donors came through and we have exceeded out MEF Mid-Year Matching Fundraiser goal of $41,086. As of a few moments ago, donors have given or pledged $41,201 and we had $12,700 in donations that will be matched for a grand total of $53,901.

Thank you notes and tax receipts for charitable donations will be going out via email or letter in mid-August.

Because of you:

  • Three more children at the school have sponsors
  • MEF will send an additional $20,000 to the school to fulfill our 2022 operating funds/sponsorships goal of $60,000.
  • We will send funds to the school to start construction of Phase I of the proposed boys’ dormitory. Phase I consists of the dormitory central hub, matron’s quarters, two complete wings that will house 48 boys, and the foundations and floors for the remaining three wings (Phase II). Note: We will not start construction until we receive an updated bid for the construction of Phase I because we believe that the prices of construction materials have increased since we received the original bid.
  • We will be upgrading the school’s photovoltaic (PV) system so it can provide electricity later in the evening and hopefully until morning. The batteries are currently exhausted between 8 and 9 pm every night. We believe that the three year-old PV batteries need to be replaced and an additional solar panel or two may be needed. We do not want to invest too much in the PV system as the government is in the process of bring public electricity to the school. Power poles have already been installed to the school but there are no power lines and it could be months or longer before they are installed and connected.
  • Girls currently sleeping two per bed in the girls dormitory will get their own beds. We plan to purchase 24 bunk beds, 48 mattresses. and storage lockers so the girls will have a place to keep their few personal items. In the short-term, we may buy 120 plastic storage bins that the students can store under their bunk beds if lockers are too expensive.

A huge thank you to the following who donated or made pledges for the 2022 MEF Mid-Year Matching Fundraiser: Andrew, Angela, Angie, Anonymous, Audrey, Barbara, Bill, Bob, Brian, Bridgette, Bud, Carl, Charles, Christy, Daniel, Darius, David, Dorothy, Earl, Elaine, Elizabeth, Ellen, Eric, Essra, Eugene, Fathima, Franklin, Gail, Glenda, Glenn, Gordon, Harvey, Jackie, Jake, Jan, Jo, Joan, John, Joyce, Karen, Kris, Laura, Lee Anne, Lynne, Margie, Martha, Maureen, Michael, Nancy, Pat, Patty, Paul, Paula, Peggy, Phil, Rachel, Randy, Rebecca, Rex and Jan, Russ, Saied, Sang Min, Scott, Stepping Stone Fields, Steve, Sunita, Suzanne, Sylvia, Theo, Tiffany, Tom, Wayne, and Zeena! You are incredibly generous and making a differences in the lives of the Maasai children at the Engaruka English Medium Primary School!

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