2022 Mid-Year Matching Fundraiser

Two weeks into our 2022 Mid-Year Matching Fundraiser and 13 days to go! We are at 44% of our $41,086 goal. We still have $7,189 in matching funds available so please contribute so we do not lose those.

It is easy to donate and every donation helps. If you use Facebook, and want to pay by credit card, just click https://www.facebook.com/donate/697276468032938/ and then click on the blue Donate button.

You can donate via the PayPal Giving Fund and credit card by clicking https://paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/2457198.

You can also mail checks payable to MEF at 345 Woods Ln, Newport, VA 24128.

The fundraiser will provide funds to: operate the Engaruka English Medium Primary School through December; start construction of a boys’ dormitory; purchase bunk beds, mattresses, etc. for the new girls dormitory; and expand the school’s photovoltaic system. Total funds contributed so far (including checks and PayPal Giving Fund) are $17,511 with $5,011 of those funds matched.

Additional details on the Mid-Year Matching Fundraiser are available by clicking the following link: https://maasaieducationfoundation.org/2022/07/03/1485/.

A huge thank you to Charles, Daniel, David, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Ellen, Gene, Gail, Gordon, Jackie, Karen, Kris, Margie, Martha, Michael, Phil, Randy, Russ, Sang Min, Sylvia, Tiffany, Zeena and other anonymous donors for your generous donations.

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