Mid-Year Matching Fundraiser Update

We are 10 days into our 2022 Mid-Year Matching Fundraiser to raise funds to operate the school for the remainder of the year ($24,875) and $16,211 to start construction of a boys’ dormitory. So far we have raised $6,691 of our $41,086 goal and all of those donations have been matched.

Additional details on the Mid-Year Matching Fundraiser are available by clicking the following link: https://maasaieducationfoundation.org/2022/07/03/1485/.

It is easy to donate and every donation helps. 

If you use Facebook, and want to pay by credit card, just click HERE and then click on the blue Donate button.

You can donate via the PayPal Giving Fund and credit card by clicking HERE

You can also mail checks payable to MEF at 345 Woods Ln, Newport, VA 24128.
The cost to sponsor a child at the school is $700/year ($350 for the remainder of 2022) and includes all tuition, fees, room and board for the 11 months that students are at the school. Sponsors receive their child’s report cards as well as occasional videos and updates on the child. Hopefully with the new computer lab, child-sponsor communications will improve (video chats, emails, etc.). If you would like to sponsor a child, please email us.

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