MEF 2022 Mid-Year Matching Fundraiser

The board approved a 2022 Mid-Year Fundraiser with matching funds at our April board meeting to raise $24,875 in 2022 sponsorship/operating funds and $16,211 to start construction of a boys’ dormitory for a total of $41,086. In addition, we have matching fund commitments of up to $12,700 that will be used to partially furnish the recently completed Girls’ Dormitory and expand the school’s photovoltaic system.


Boys Dormitory Funding Goal: The proposed boys’ dormitory will be a duplicate of the recently completed girls’ dormitory. When completed the boys’ dormitory will house 124 boys and a matron. Phase I of construction will consist for a central hub and two dormitory wings that will house 48 students and their matron. One of the wings is dedicated to Lorene Benham, the mother of Brian Benham (MEF board member). Brian Benham and his family and friends are raising funds to construct her memorial wing. The cost of Phase I is $82,171 and we need $41,000 to start construction. We have already raised some funds and an additional $16,211 is needed before we can start construction.

Recently completed EEMPS Girls’ Dormitory

2022 EEMPS Sponsorship/Operating Funds Goal: Our 2022 Sponsorship/Operating Funds Goal is $60,000, which provides approximately half of the Engaruka English Medium Primary School’s operating funds. The remainder of the operating funds are raised by our partners in Tanzania. The school currently has 185 students in pre-school through 5th grade and only a handful of student’s families can afford the tuition, room and board and other fees. We need to raise an additional $24,875 to meet our 2022 goal. Sponsorship/operating funds pay for teacher and other EEMPS staff salaries and benefits, food for students and staff, teaching supplies and clothing and medical care for the students. If you designate your donation specifically for a child sponsorship ($700/year), you can pick a specific child to sponsor (in full or part) at and then notify us about the child you chose by emailing or calling 540-922-2971.

EEMPS school children, May 20, 2022

Matching Funds: We currently have commitments for $12,700 in matching funds. The first $10,000 in matching funds will be used to help furnish the new Girl’s Dormitory and $2,700 will be used to expand the school’s photovoltaic system until public electric grid reaches the school. We also

Girls’ Dormitory Furnishings: We do not have a specific fundraising goal but we welcome additional donations to furnish the Girls’ Dormitory. Girls’ Dormitory designated donations will be used to purchase the following items: bunk beds (24 @ $209 each); mattresses (48 @ $28 each), and student storage lockers (5 @ $639 each). Eventually the school will need an additional 24 bunk beds, 48 mattresses and 16 student locker units). We hope to furnish the dorm during the student’s August break.

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