Upcoming Visit to EEMPS

We have not had any posts lately but that will change on May 17! Three students from Virginia Tech and two advisors/MEF Board members will visit the school May 18 to 31. During this period, we will provide daily updates on the school and our activities via the MEF Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/MaasaiEducationFoundation/.

The participating students are with Service without Borders and they funded a computer lab at the school with 12 laptops, LCD projector, cellular modem, etc. The team will be training students and staff in laptop use and introducing educational software. Also reading with students daily as well as learning about Maasai culture. I will be interviewing students with sponsors and those needing sponsors and making videos for sponsors. While we are there, the new girls’ dormitory will be dedicated and our dining hall will be named in Peter Ozolins honor.

One thought on “Upcoming Visit to EEMPS

  1. We will miss seeing you next week, Theo. God speed on your journey to Africa. Jan

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