Exciting MEF News

Lots of exciting news!

  • First and foremost, the IRS just informed MEF that we will be approved as a 501(c)3 public charity within the next three weeks (will receive a written notification letter by then). This means that we will be able to receive tax deductible donations directly!
  • Our partner, the Engaruka Community Initiative Organization (ENCO) will be starting construction of the Engaruka-TX English Medium Pre-Primary School within the next couple of weeks. Construction has been delayed a little because Tanzania is in the process of reclassifying Engaruka from a village to a city because of a large soda ash mining operation that will open near Engaruka this year and this has put land titling on hold.
  • To move ahead quickly, ENCO purchased private land for the school that is in Engaruka and has good access to water and electricity. This land looks much better than our previous site because it is on the outskirts of the town rather then 5 km out of town.
  • The Virginia Tech student group, Service without Borders (SWB), will be in Tanzania from May 16 to June 3 to assist in the construction of the school. Daily updates on their activities will be provided on Maasai Education Foundation and Service without Borders Facebook pages when they have internet access. The five SWB students will be advised by MEF board members Brian Benham and Theo Dillaha.

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